Alkemi Décor Designs

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Alkemi Décor, a prominent seller of custom printed wallpapers, faced a significant challenge. Their extensive dealer network, spread across various states, was sending image-based inquiries via WhatsApp. These inquiries were being manually loaded into Excel sheets and stored in named folders, which proved to be a daunting and inefficient work management process.


  • Efficient Inquiry Handling: Sales staff and dealers began posting image-based inquiries directly on the Channelier cloud. This allowed remote backend designers to respond as soon as inquiries were raised. The turnaround time for inquiries dramatically reduced.
  • Manpower Optimization: Channelier's robust inquiry queue management drastically reduced the number of personnel required to service inquiries, while still accommodating an incredible increase in inquiries serviced per sales staff member (well over 150%).

Current Channelier Utilization

Alkemi Décor's engagement with Channelier has grown substantially since the initial implementation. They now leverage nearly all available features:

  • Leads, Orders, Inventory, and Payments: Alkemi uses Channelier's comprehensive suite of features, including leads, orders, inventory management, and payments processing, for their daily operations.
  • Transformed Sales Reporting: Their sales team has transitioned from Excel-based sales reports to app-based lead entries. This automation generates reports according to management preferences, significantly reducing the sales team's workload.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Inquiries processed on the system transition seamlessly into orders via a series of managed steps. These orders are then shared with external vendors for printing and delivery directly through Channelier.
  • Real-Time Inventory Visibility: All of Alkemi Décor's warehouses are now integrated with the Channelier cloud. This real-time visibility enhances inventory management for all personnel and buyers.
The Positive Impact

    Alkemi Décor's adoption of Channelier has yielded substantial results, transforming their operations and business growth:

  • Over 100% Growth in Enquiries and Orders: Remarkably, their inquiries and orders surged by over 100%, while their manpower increased by only about 23%.
  • Over 63% Improvement in SLAs: Their SLAs benefited from a 63% improvement, largely due to more efficient communication.
  • Around 28% Improvement in Conversion Rates: Improved responses, reduced lead times, and increased fill rates resulted in a 28% increase in conversion rates.
  • Over 75% Growth in Marketing Campaigns: Alkemi Décor enhanced their marketing campaigns by over 75%, owing to a deeper understanding of demand patterns.
  • Significant Enhancement in Catalog Designs: A profound understanding of what sells and where led to substantial improvements in catalog designs.

The Alkemi Décor - Channelier collaboration has been a resounding success. Through Channelier, they streamlined their inquiry handling, optimized manpower, and transformed their overall business operations, achieving significant growth, enhanced efficiency, and improved customer service. This case study highlights how Channelier's comprehensive solution significantly contributed to Alkemi Décor's success.