Plasma Air Purifier

Plasma Air Purifier : CRU M1
by Indiancrusaders (manufacturer)
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Crusaders Ozone Air Purifier
  •   Slim Design
  •   Silent Operation
  •   Maintenance Free
  • Easy to use
Model No. CRU-M1
Rated Voltage 100 - 240V , 50/60 hz
Power consumption 4 W
Ozone output 50-60mg/h
Dimensions 105 * 93 * 45 mm
Weight 170g
Effective Area 25m2
Certification CE, RoHs
How To Use
  • 1. Simply put the plug in the socket
  • 2. Turn the power point on.
  • 3. Working mode.
  • (i) Cont: the blue indicator lights,ozone releases constantly until turned off
  • (ii) Cycle: Ozone releases 1 min with an interval of 4 mins, the blue indicator light flashing
  • (iii) Switch to the ''OFF'' position to turn off.
How it Works
  1. Ozone is nature's way of cleaning the air we breathe outside.The product producess ozone to replicate this phenomenon,resulting in cleaner,fresher breathable air indoors.
  2. The unit may help in the removal of indoor air contaminants such as dust,odors,mould & mildew,germs & bacteria.
  1. The center ozone output ring has a small ceramic white tube in the middle.
  2. This should be cleaned every 4 weeks with a cotton bud.Do not use water, just a dry cotton bud.Only Wipe around the front edges of the ozone tube.